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Payment information

Ordering with us is 100% safe and secure. We always protect your personal information and never store any financial information on our site. For your safety we use an industry-standard 128-bit secure socket layer connection to protect your transmission when you place an order. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

We're nice and like to make things as simple as possible for you. When it comes to payment we accept most forms including credit and debit cards, cash, british cheques and british postal orders. We also give you several ways to place an order including online at ICE Cannabis Seeds, by post and by phone. The choice is yours.

Payment types

Credit Card (UK Only) – We accept all major credit card and debit cards. (Please note: we only send to the card billing address)

Bank Transfer – If you select bank transfer option at the checkout the instructions will be emailed to you directly.

Cash – If you select the cash option at the checkout the instructions will be emailed to you directly.

Bitcoin – Once your order has been placed we will provide our Bitcoin payment information once the order is complete and also directly to you by email.

Phone – If you don’t trust online orders we completely understand you are more than welcome to pay by phone, just call us on

Cheque & Post Orders (UK only) – To pay by cheque make sure you select the ‘cheque’ option at the checkout and the instructions will be emailed to you as well as displayed on the screen.

Discreet shipping

We are discreet as can be! Check out our blog post on our discreet shipping practises here.

Don’t panic - No one will never know what you have ordered. You won’t see any cannabis related terms on your bank statements or credit card bill.

If you have chosen not to pay by credit card or debit card and have chosen another one of our options please make sure to check your emails as once the order has be processed. You will receive your order confirmation which will contain the details on how to submit your payment. 

Happy shopping!