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Legal Info

The germination and cultivation of cannabis seeds is NOT cool

That's right, growing plants from our cannabis seeds is illegal under UK law, so don't even think about it. To be specific, Section 6 of the UK Drugs Act 1971 states it is an offence to cultivate any plant of the genus Cannabis in the UK without a licence from the Secretary of State. Offenders may be imprisoned, fined, or both.

International law

Those of you who do not live in the UK must abide by the laws of your country. It is your responsibility to research those laws before you place an order from ICE Cannabis Seeds. We are not responsible or liable for any illegal activities or other damages that may arise from your possession or use of the products sold on this site. Information within this website is suitable for persons aged 18+ only.

Collect seeds, don't grow

At ICE Cannabis Seeds, we only sell seeds to be collected or used as fishing bait and bird seed, not for germination. Always check the law in your country as you're responsible for adhering to it.