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Silverstar Haze Seeds

Silverstar Haze Seeds
Silverstar Haze Seeds
Silverstar Haze Seeds
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BDOG508F Bulldog Cannabis Seeds 5
From £34.09
Bulldog Seeds have got a winner with this strong Sativa girl. Silver Star Haze is the product of a beautiful and slightly sleazy love triangle between Skunk #1, Northern Lights and Haze. Mix that dank with beauty and a bit of a power high and you've hit the jackpot. And that's exactly what they did with this girls genetics. If you haven't tried her out yet, we can guarantee you'll be blown away by her strong THC.
More Information
Seedbank Bulldog Cannabis Seeds
Type / Sex Feminised Seeds
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor & Outdoor
Strain Haze Strains
Autoflowering / Photoperiod Non-Autoflowering
Flowering Time Indoors 10 Weeks or More
Flowering Time Outdoors Early September
Pack Size Pack of 5
Indica/Sativa Indica-Sativa 50/50
THC Strong
Yield Good

Product description:

Genetics like no other:

  • Medicinal approved weed seeds
  • A spicy taste with a bitter end game
  • She's not a fussy one; happy indoors or out

You won't find another girl as stable as this. Her strong Sativa buzz will last for what seems like a lifetime and those medicinal effects really are the cherry on top. Her feminised seeds will finish in a total of 10 weeks. Okay, so she's a bit high maintenance... but beauty takes time! Let her be and Silver Star Haze won't disappoint. She's like that all rounder girlfriend you never even had.

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If you love that old-school dank Skunk then we're sure you'll love Silver Star Haze. She'll bring you back to the golden ages AND take care of your body and soul. Whilst you get her sitting pretty in your collection, you can also collect 10% of ICE points with your order. We'll add these up for you so you don't have to and keep them safe for your next purchase. You'll be building up a sick collection in no time!

Don't rush off too quick. ICE has to let you know about some ground rules... it's only because we care. We'll deliver this girl to you dormant and discreetly, but keep in mind she's for collectible purposes only. Germination or human consumption of cannabis is illegal in most countries, seriously. Stay outta trouble! Now get your place ready, she's on her way.