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Top 5 THC Seeds

Top 5 THC Seeds

THC fans rejoice! We’ve scoured through our huge collection of cannabis seeds in the vault to create the ultimate list of top 5 THC seeds! Make your collection stand out from the crowd with these huge hitters that have been bred to have mega percentages of THC.

Throw these in your basket today for free standard delivery and you’ll soon be smiling. It may only be Autumn, but you probably already deserve a present in the lead-up to Christmas, right? Too soon?

Without further ado, here are ICE Cannabis Seeds top 5 THC seeds, featuring autoflowering and feminised beauties from top brands!

Sour Diesel #2 Feminised Seeds

THC: 17-20% sour diesel #2

A popular hybrid from Humboldt Seeds, Sour Diesel #2 are THC champions with levels up to 20%. With only 0.1% CBD, these two active elements aren’t in conflict so you can keep things chill.

Sativa dominant and feminised, they’re a great mix of everything that makes a seed worthy of collection and they also smell great! Get yours here and be ready to fall in love at first sight.

Arjan’s Haze #1 Seeds

THC: 21% arjan's haze #1 A feminised haze strain from Greenhouse Seeds, she’s built up a great fanbase and is easy to get to know and enjoy her company. She’s a big THC hitter on this list bringing a whopping 21% to the table! Let’s say that again… 21%!

Happy indoors, her exotic aroma consists of spices and minty notes, making her incredibly refreshing. Large, sticky and sweet, it’s got to be a no brainer, surely? Order her today, just click here.

Pineapple Kush Seeds

THC: 18% pineapple kush seeds

Fruity, sweet and sensational, Pineapple Kush Seeds have a delicious aroma of pineapple, caramel and butter. Some of our favourite things! Magnificent without the THC, it’s good to know she also delivers a strong 18% level that won’t fail to make an impression.

A top choice if you’re trying Royal Queen for the first time, she’s potent and you can sit back, relax and let her do all the work. Buy here.

Purple TrainWreck Seeds

THC: 15-17% purple trainwreck seeds Humboldt make the list again with their sativa dominant, long lasting Purple TrainWreck Seeds. Made from the epic strains of Mendo Purps and Trainwreck, she was always going to be a sweet, potent, and citrusy winner. One for beginners and experts alike, these seeds are also 100% feminised and have a little touch of spice in their aroma, making them a fantastic blend of scents.

Adding her to your selection is a great way to add quality and variety to your seeds. So, what are you waiting for? Click here.

THC Bomb Auto

THC: 18-22% bomb auto seeds A female, autoflowering goddess, THC Bomb Auto is super easy to get to know and the breeders at Bomb Seeds call it ‘the ultimate all rounder’, and it’s hard to disagree. The incredible THC levels can reach 22% and she’s known for high yields and a sweet aroma.

Powerful and with great genes, there’s no catch to this perfect choice. Buy here.

If you opt for any of these seeds, we’d love for you to leave a review on their pages to let us know how you got on. With so many THC heavy hitters in stock it was hard to pick, but hopefully we’ve presented you with some new favourites. Until next time!