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Top 5 CBD Seeds

Top 5 CBD Seeds

With over 4000 seeds in our vaults it can be tricky to pick your favourites or new ones to try. However, we’ve got just the answer in our Top 5 blog series which we continue with this rundown of some of the best high CBD seeds we stock.

Seeds high in CBD are super relaxing and are genetic beauties made by top breeders to get you smiling in no time; featuring Nirvana Seeds, Dinafem Seeds, Royal Queen Seeds, and Humboldt.

If you’re looking for high CBD seeds without having to browse, take a look at this epic list and get yours with free standard delivery, just because we like you.

supreme cbd durban

Supreme CBD Durban Seeds, 8% CBD

From Nirvana Seeds we’ve got the ever popular Supreme CBD Durban Seeds, whose name says it all really. A feminised hybrid she’s a mix of top genetics from Durban Poison and The Supreme and will get you chilled out in no time, especially as she’s fast and easy even for beginners. At 8% CBD levels, what’s stopping you?

Get these supremely great seeds here.

critical mass cbd

Critical Mass CBD Seeds, 5% CBD

Packing 5% CBD along with 5% THC, this is one balanced babe from Dinafem Seeds. An Indica dominant strain, she is marketed as the medicinal version of Critical Mass and has a delicious aroma of pine and exotic wood.

Check out her stats and buy here… it’s critical that you do… we’re funny, right?

euphoria seeds

Euphoria Seeds, 7% CBD

We love the name of these seeds and think it’s pretty apt to how good they are to collect, you know that feeling when you get a really good seed to display? Fruity and sweet, they’re 20% sativa and 80% indica, 100% awesome.

CBD dominant at 7%, she’s made from the classics Royal Medic and Shark Shock. Shark Shock has won many awards and it’s hardiness is working full-force in Euphoria.

To get your own slice of the euphoria trend, read more here and add to your basket.

snow white seeds

Snow White Seeds, 5% CBD

Big yield, sticky and dense, Snow White Seeds are a calm addition to anyone’s collection with mellow notes and a smoothe aroma to satisfy even the pickiest of seed fans.

Powerful, you’ll fall in love with her can do attitude and might even feel like you’ve entered a fairytale with her majestic appearance.

The real winning aspect we’re all here for however is the quality CBD, clocking in at a whopping 5%+. Buy here.

cbd jam

CBD Jam Seeds, up to 13%

A delicious name from Delicious Seeds is the cherry on the cake to CBD Jam Seeds. It has so much CBD they even put it in the name! She’s a powerful, hearty strain, a cross between Marmalate and Carmen. Hints of pineapple radiate along with lavender.

One to bring the summer no matter what time of year it is, CBD Jam has CBD levels which have been known to reach 13%. Yes, 13%. We saved this heavy hitter until last.

There you have it, top CBD seeds from top international breeders. Check our our full range by searching CBD in the search box and using our handy filters.

Got a question or want more advice? Give us a shout on [email protected] and our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible.