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Strain Guide: Indica Marijuana

Strain Guide: Indica Marijuana

At ICE Cannabis Seeds we’ve got a huge collection on indica cannabis seeds from international breeders that never fail to disappoint. Yet, what does it mean to be an indica strain and why should you build your own collection of this type?

Wonder no more! Here’s our strain guide to indica marijuana with everything you need to know and top tips on which seeds to choose.

What’s indica?

Indica is a type of cannabis that predominantly grows faster, shorter and wider than their sativa counterparts. Indica refers to plants that would originally have come from the kush mountain region, grown to withstand the harsh and cold conditions. This is why they’re considered strong, resilient plants for the winter.

Other characteristics include thick resin to protect against the cold and naturally high levels of the psychoactive element, THC.

What are the effects?

Well, being high in the active cannabinoid THC means they’re the heavy hitters that activate the senses. They’re also known to have some sleepy, sedative effects along with their potency.

How do you get indica marijuana?

Throughout the decades, indica strains have become more popular and have been bred into hybrid strains that have moved away from the mountainside. Breeders have crafted a huge number of strains to be ‘indica dominant’ so they have the durability and the density of their originals, as well as other cool factors such as fast grow and low maintenance.

If you’re not a breeder, you get indica seeds simply by making you choice and buying the ones you think suit you the best. Fantastic!

What are the best strains?

This definitely comes down to personal preference but of course, some stand out as being truly exceptional. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, there’s no denying the quality of these indica dominant seeds:

bubble cheese

Bubble Cheese Seeds by Buddha Seeds

- Massive flavours

- Great genetics

- Indica kush strain

Bubble Cheese is a fantastic strain that’s a mix of Bubblegum, Exodus Cheese and Bubba Kush Reversed. Ready to drool over, the aroma is sensational and she’s quick to get ready. Short and fast as an indica, she does her heritage justice.

super critical seeds

Super Critical Seeds by Greenhouse Seeds

- White strain

- Potent and powerful

- 100% feminised

From one of our favourite breeders you’ll love the indica dominant Super Critical Seeds by Greenhouse. A stunning lady, she’s potent, low maintenance and super aromatic.

super skunk seeds

Super Skunk Seeds by Sensi Seeds

- 80% Indica

- Hash strain

- Strong and aromatic

A simply stunning seed from Sensi, Super Skunk Seeds are a whopping 80% indica and have gorgeous Afghani roots. A mix of a skunk with an Afghani hash plant, you’ll be in the company of a quality specimen that’s got a lot to offer.

So, did you find out anything new from us? Get in touch if you’ve got any questions on any of our seeds, we’ll be happy to help!

Just remember our cannabis seeds are sold for collection purposes only and it it illegal in the UK and many other countries to germinate cannabis seeds. Always check the law where you are. You are responsible for your actions.