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Cannabis 101: Indica VS Sativa

Cannabis 101: Indica VS Sativa

Cannabis is a plant with a cloud of confusion around it. There is the hemp plant, which contains loads of cannabinoids and miniscule amounts of THC. A cousin to cannabis often referred to as marijuana has loads of cannabinoids, including the psychoactive plant compound delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol better known as THC. There are hundreds of compounds in cannabis. In fact, there is estimated to be around 65 other cannabinoids besides THC along with close to 483 known compounds in cannabis.

The cannabis plant has two primary classifications. One is Indica; the other is sativa. There are also hybrids that fall on both the indica and sativa side of the spectrum. When it comes to telling the difference between indica and sativa for many people, it's as easy as telling the difference between night and day. Let's explore the differences between indica and sativa cannabis.

Indica Cannabis

Indica cannabis grows completely different compared to a sativa cannabis plant. Indica plants will have dark green leaves that resemble a maple leaf. The fan leaves will be short and wide. Indica cannabis plants also grow short and bushy compared to their sativa cousin. Indica cannabis is known to produce a substantial body buzz that overall leads to rest and relaxation. Many people who enjoy consuming cannabis find Indica strains to be great for nighttime use. Indica cannabis strains or hemp cultivars also tend to contain more earthy, peppery, and spicy flavor profiles. They are also known to carry a strong, pungent aroma.

Sativa Cannabis

Sativa cannabis varieties are known to produce cerebral, uplifting, and motivational effects. Consumers report energetic and creative feelings from Sativa cannabis, making it a more in demand and preferred daytime consumption variety of cannabis. Sativa cannabis plants grow incredibly tall and have long, thin, fingering leaves compared to their short stubby Indica cousin. Fan leaves are long and narrow, and you can practically see between each finger on the leaf, whereas Indica leaves look like a palm fan. Sativa cannabis varieties often have fruity or floral flavors with a sweet fragrant aroma.

That's Not All Indica and Sativa Also Differ By…

Indica and sativa variety of cannabis also differ in the type of terpenes they have in them. Sometimes people can have reactions to certain terpenes whereas other people do not. This isn't necessarily an indica or sativa characteristic but one that flows more with terpenes in the genetics and how the plant is grown. Acknowledging varieties of cannabis that tend to make you feel anxious, cause breathing issues, or simply knock you out are good to know.

Having this knowledge can keep you from ruining an experience such as a barbecue or outing or from having an awkward or uncomfortable time at work or other social functions. This knowledge can also benefit you when you're looking to relax. Sometimes relaxing involves chores such as house cleaning and yard work, and other times relaxing is sitting on the couch playing video games, watching a movie, or reading your favorite book. Then there's the form of relaxing such as acrylic painting, sketching, or poetry. Different varieties of cannabis might be just the thing you need to help spark creativity or encourage relaxation.

Cannabis comes in a multitude of different varieties. You might say there's a flavor for everyone. Knowing and understanding the difference between cannabis indica and cannabis sativa is a notch in your belt as a connoisseur of this plant. It's important to remember that each individual person they react a little bit differently to cannabis.

This means just because the plant is sativa or indica doesn't mean that it's going to necessarily pick you up or put you down. There are Indica varieties that are known to spark creativity and induced energy in consumers the same way there are sativa varieties known to create couch-lock with consumers as well versus sending them out for a brisk jog. The world of cannabis is continually budding around us. The newly legal industry is creating a market where consumers can enjoy kicking back on cloud nine.

Now that you're equipped with this hempsational cannabis knowledge go out there and get your cannabis on with confidence. Disclaimer: It is illegal to germinate & we never condone