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  • Strain Guide: Indica Marijuana

    At ICE Cannabis Seeds we’ve got a huge collection on indica cannabis seeds from international breeders that never fail to disappoint. Yet, what does it mean to be an indica strain and why should you build your own collection of this type?

    Wonder no more! Here’s our strain guide to indica marijuana with everything you need to know and top tips on which seeds to choose. Continue reading

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  • Everything you need to know about Sensi Seeds

    Dutch breeder Sensi Seeds is one of the favourites of our ICE Cannabis Seed community and we thought it was about time we delved a little deeper into their bank, founded back in 1985… somehow that’s over thirty years ago!

    Ben Dronkers, the founder, has helped craft some strains that have gone on to change the genetic landscape of cannabis seeds as we know them today, improving the choice we have as collectors.

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  • Top 5 CBD Seeds

    With over 4000 seeds in our vaults it can be tricky to pick your favourites or new ones to try. However, we’ve got just the answer in our Top 5 blog series which we continue with this rundown of some of the best high CBD seeds we stock. Continue reading

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  • Top 5 Fast Grow Seeds

    It’s not all about speed but sometimes it just feels good to know your collection overflows with premium, high quality cannabis seeds that have fast genetics. It’s just like owning a sports car, right?

    Well, these are some of the fastest seeds known to man so strap yourself in and get ready to own some beautiful seeds that you can put in your ‘fast’ jar to marvel at such epic power. Continue reading

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  • Legalise Cannabis Facts Infographic

    Legalising cannabis is a pretty complex issue and has really picked up speed in the last few years - just look at Canada and CBD legislation in the UK! People are getting behind marijuana and saying it doesn’t need such strict laws against it.

    Now, cannabis seeds are legal to sell but are not for germination. When we talk about cannabis in this infographic, we’re talking about the bud and the plants. Important distinction! Continue reading

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  • Could the UK legalise cannabis?

    The short answer to this is ‘yes’ as it’s recently become a hot topic in the UK general election, which goes to the ballots 8th June 2017. One of the leading opposition parties, the Liberal Democrats, have a campaign promise to legalise cannabis if they are elected into power. Continue reading

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  • 10 Awesome Quotes About Cannabis

    Gather round ICE-ers and get ready to hear the ten best cannabis quotes to inspire and maybe even make you laugh! We’re always keen to hear what people in the industry and celebrity supporters say about weed and here, we bring you our 10 favourites. Continue reading

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  • Debunking the myths of feminised seeds

    Roll up, roll up, one and all and marvel as we debunk the myths of feminised cannabis seeds! Then, impress your friends with your expert knowledge and put it into practise to become a top collector.

    So, let’s jump right in. Feminised seeds are pretty well established now but started as a niche in the cannabis seed world a few decades ago, with some people thinking they were ‘unnatural’ or even ‘unstable’ genetically. This view came from the idea that they were bred from a number of different strains and genes. Continue reading

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  • An update on cannabis and illness in the UK

    In October 2016, the MHRA’s (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) assessment of the medical use of cannabis in the UK led to the government talking about what had been thought for many years could actually be true; that cannabis has a ‘restoring, correcting, or modifying’ effect on ‘physiological functions in humans’. Continue reading

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  • Top Cannabis Seed Strains for Warmer Climates

    Just like us, some seeds prefer to be kept in warm climates where they feel a lot happier, which we can totally understand. We’re talking sunshine, LA loving seeds who just want to leave behind the cold and harsh conditions of winter. Ever heard of night owls? Well, look at these guys as summer… owls. Yeah, you get the point though! Continue reading

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