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  1. Auto Jack 47 Seeds

    Auto Jack 47 Seeds


    Introducing you to Auto Jack 47 - an extremely strong and robust strain that is the result of crossing Jack Herer with AK 47. She is definitely a keeper, with her SUPER high yields and ultra powerful aromas she is renowned for being one of the most potent strains on the market. Learn More
  2. Big Bang Automatic Seeds

    Big Bang Automatic Seeds


    Big Bang Automatic Seeds are crafted from some of best skunk strain genetics, including the stunning Northern Lights. As a worldly woman she ticks all the boxes! She arrives quickly, lasts a long time and aims to please with her relaxing and chilled out vibes. Happy to go indoors or out, take her home today and see what she has to offer. As a 100% feminised lady with a brilliant 50/50 sativa and indica mix, she'll no doubt be the peak of your seed collection. So, prepare your sofa for nights in and get ready for your senses to be astounded by a good, beautiful woman. If you're eyes aren't popping out of your head just yet, check out more about her personality below: Learn More
  3. Candy Kush Seeds

    Candy Kush Seeds


    ​Those sexy ladies are fun and all but truthfully, we're tired of them playing hard to get. Why not try Candy Kush out for size? She's as sugary sweet as she sounds but don't let that fool you. Candy Kush is a hard working girl which you'll be able to see from her amazing high yields. Treat her right though otherwise she'll get frosty.​ Learn More
  4. Cash Crop Auto Seeds

    Cash Crop Auto Seeds


    Are you ready for the time of your life? Cash Crop Auto Seeds are a powerful, stunning hybrid from Cream of the Crop Seeds, with 22% THC and fantastic genetics from Northern Lights and Big Bud. Enjoy her sweet and earthy tastes in just 70 short days and prepare for your mouth to water as you chill out on the sofa. She's just a stunning beauty that would be the pinnacle of anyone's seed collection; tight and sticky, she glistens in the sunlight and teases with her appealing buds. Grab this ultimate cheese strain today. What are you waiting for? Check out her vitals below and get excited to have a try: Learn More
  5. Cheese Automatic Seeds

    Cheese Automatic Seeds


    Cheese Automatic Seeds Learn More
  6. Critical Mass Automatic Seeds

    Critical Mass Automatic Seeds


    No one wants the girl next door anymore. Critical Mass will break the boundaries and sweep you off your feet before you know it. Let her dominate your mind and body with her ICE cold power! Popular amongst our experienced customers, ICE knows a lot of beginners have been branching out and going automatic. She's not fussy and will let you know exactly what she wants. What more could you ask for? Learn More
  7. moby dick auto

    Moby Dick Auto Seeds


    Moby Dick Auto Seeds is something of a perfect stunner that's a real crowd-pleaser. Her genetics are incredible with Dinafem combining a high sativa strain with a high indica strain to create the best of both. Well, no spoilers, but it was a success and now you can take her home with free standard delivery at ICE! Charming and powerful, she has a speedy constitution, thick resin and steady medium to high THC levels. Some would say she goes even further than her parents. That might be in the eye of the collector but she's definitely delicious with a pine aroma that's super refreshing. So, a sweet hybrid made from Haze and White Widow. No collection is complete without it. Learn More
  8. Northern Lights Auto Seeds

    Northern Lights Auto Seeds


    Northern Light Auto Seeds are one of the best known and most popular strains of cannabis ever! Already appealing, right? This beautiful princess is of Afghani genetics and has been bred indoors since the 1980's when she arrived in Holland. Now a feminised hybrid, she's even easier to tame and will auto flower in no time at all. Great if you're a newbie or just want to dig in without waiting! A hot, badass, her THC levels are high at 14% and her yield is nothing to be ignored. To top it all off, she's a brilliant, ingenious mix of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. So, your mouth is watering and you need to grab a tissue, we've all been there! Check her details out below: Learn More

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